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What we can do for you...

Are you thinking about having us manage a rental property? Need help you buying or selling a home? Look no further because we can do it all. Whether you are selling your first home, buying your dream home or looking to have someone step in as a landlord for your investment home, we've got you covered . Check out the information below and contact us today to get started!


We'll help you figure out the best rentable condition and market rent for your property. Our team will promote your property on Zillow, Trulia, and all other major rental listing sites to make sure it gets maximum exposure. Our showing agents will give prospective residents a tour of your property, while our office staff will thoroughly screen applicants, including credit and criminal background checks. We'll collect employment and income verification on every adult resident and recommend applicants for your approval. We will also execute their lease, and collect initial payments. Your cost if you choose to hire us just for the MARKETING & SHOWING PHASE is 100% of one month’s rent. You will receive a 50% discount on marketing if combined with the ONGOING MANAGEMENT PHASE.


Includes everything in the MARKETING PHASE plus we facilitate resident selection, rent collection, lease enforcement, resident communication, repairs, bill payment, and monthly reporting. We'll handle move in/out walks and security deposit returns. We truly step in as the full time landlord and let you step out and enjoy whatever else you want to do with your time! The MARKETING PHASE rate drops to 50% of the first month's rent when combined with this phase. ONGOING MANAGEMENT rates start at 10% of monthly rent while you have a resident with discounts available for new clients and multiple property portfolios.


Looking to buy an investment property? Or maybe a home for yourself? Well, a buyer's agent is your go-to person for that! They're licensed pros who work for you, not the seller. They will anazlyze the market and make sure you are making a good buy. They'll also help you negotiate offers and guide you through the whole buying process. Basically, they've got your back and want to make sure you get the best deal possible. Contact us today to get the home buying process started.


Looking to sell your home? We have seller's agents who will have your back in what can be a confusing market. They help you figure out how much to ask for it, get the word out to potential buyers, negotiate offers, and make sure everything goes smoothly until the deal is done. They're like your personal real estate advisor. Our agents have years of experience in getting our clients the best possible price for their home. Contact us today to get the home selling process started.

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